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Fabrics and Louver StylesSustainable Fabrics & Louvers

Sustainability refers to utilizing materials made from products that exploit natural resources without destroying the ecological balance of an area.

Sustainable fabrics can be manufactured from natural or recycled materials. Sustainability criteria include textiles that are not made or treated with hazardous chemicals, use no formaldehyde nor have VOC-emitting materials.

Natural fabric (regular “soft” textile fabric) can also be “Certified Organic,” which is fabric that is third-party certified to be grown and manufactured without toxic chemicals, but are not necessarily sustainable. Many natural fibers have been grown and manufactured without harmful toxins, but there are no certifying organizations to label them “organic.”

LouverShade fabrics applicable to the roller shade portion of the product area available in most fabric colors and opacity. Let us help you make a selection and provide samples for your project.

Horizontal LouverShadesLouverShade Horizontal Louvers

The reflective louver system of the LouverShade uses a white or silver surface on the concave side of the louver. The convex surface is white and designed to provide a neutral color for the areas above the roller shade. As indicated within the fabric section at left, a large variety of fabrics and colors are available for the roller shade portion of the system.

The louvers are 2″ wide in a standard system. Let us help you with your next project. Standard LouverShades are designed to be part of an interior shading system. Other sizes and exterior applications are available as custom engineered LouverShade systems. As a part of the design process, we can provide samples as submitted for approval within your project. Simply request additional information by providing your e-mail address from the e-mail box located on the home page.

Let us help you design the most effective LouverShade System for your project!