About Us

What is LouverShade?

Since 2014, LouverShade has been a commercial/residential shading products company that offers a complete line of internal and external solar control products.  Whether a residential project requires solar control of 1 zone and 4 motors (windows) or a commercial project of 16 zones and 6400 motors (windows), LouverShade has a product that will meet your project needs. 

From internal Dual Zone light harvesting to external custom rack arm louvers, no other company delivers a wider assortment of solutions designed to satisfy the needs of an ever more demanding sustainability and restorative built community.

LouverShade offers a dual adjustment shading system (Dual Zone) that reduces costs associated with electrical lighting by providing low cost but highly effective daylight harvesting that seamlessly integrates with all types of electrical lighting control. Several configurations are available including a dual head rail option that features two shades in one where the upper portion of the shade acts as a daylight glazing or light harvesting zone and the lower portion controls the view glazing or glare zone.

LouverShade's unique dual application product utilizes the two zones of each window. The Light Harvesting Zone (Daylight Glazing) and the Glare Zone (View Glazing).


Solar shade fabric provides the glare reduction, diffusing the natural light and creating a comfortable setting at the work-station level. Numerous studies have shown that the combined effects of view and proper light levels increase employee productivity and comfort.
RESIDENT INtelligence
These features deliver a unified result when the Louvershade™ control system takes charge. Controls can be as simple as a sun sensor that deploys the shade at the first sign of daylight, to an interface that allows a building’s automation system to run the show.

Dual Zones

They Light Harvesting Zone directs natural light deep into the space thereby reducing the need for electrical lighting based upon the application of photo sensor controlled continuous dimming. Systems are available in motorized and non-motorized configurations that can be easily added to existing buildings or to new construction projects.