Since 2014, LouverShade is the only company that has been dividing each window up into two (dual) zones.

LouverShade Dual Zone provides an opportunity for the design community to return to the use of natural light as a primary source of workspace lighting.
LouverShade assumes that every window has two zones. The illustration below shows how daylight is directed by interior louvers (movable concave side up reflecting light) in an upper shade for interior light and a second interior lower shade for glare control.


The LouverShade 2″ Dual Zone system is the most popular daylight harvesting solution for either new or existing buildings. It features the exclusive one piece bracket system that allows installation of both the upper light harvesting louvers and lower view glazing roller shades from a single mounting point for either inside or outside mount to wall or ceiling. Application of tilt limiters that maximize available natural light while simultaneously blocking glare.


The Glare Zone is addressed with nearly an unlimited selection of fabrics and anti-glare film roller shade.