Interior Tension Fabric Systems

LouverShade tension fabric systems have been developed to satisfy the demand for retractable sun screening on horizontal or sloped glazing. Features include a fully automated and retractable shading system suitable for internal use that will deploy in any direction. Other features include solutions for maximizing daylight under dull conditions and reducing heat gain and sun glare.

Interior rack arm systems

Interior louvers and retractable horizontal louvers are highly effective in solar control on a vertical glazed surface but they are less suitable for horizontal or inclined glazing. The LouverShade rack arm system (or skylight louvers), enables effective solar control on unusual glazed surfaces including horizontal and inclined shaped glazing.

Curved rack arm systems

The LouverShade rack arm system (or skylight louvers), comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet any job specifications. Here is one of our curved rack arm systems.