LouverShade Workspace Optimized

 workspace optimized

LouverShade’s WorkSpace Optimized daylight harvesting system is effective both in terms of cost and performance. The illustration to the right shows images
from an installation at the Bullitt Center in Seattle Washington (building featured on the cover). The Bullitt Center has been called the “greenest commercial building in the world” and represents an optimal showcase for LouverShade solutions.

WorkSpace Optimized is a dual adjustment solution like the dual head rail version but features a single head rail based upon a ladder modification as illustrated in the enlarged photo at right. The WO-100 is a manual shading system that is two shades in one. Using 2” horizontal louvers, the upper louver section features light reflecting (concave up) louvers that both direct natural light inward and block glare. The lower louvers provide adjustable view and glare control using manual lift and tilt. A wide range of colors are available including brushed aluminum. Also available is the WO-
200 with motorized louver tilt and manual lift.

Motorized or Manual Operation

LouverShade Weather Station

All WorkSpace Optimized configuration options can be motorized or operated manually. Motorization can include photovoltaic, low voltage or line voltage power (120v or 220v AC) and wired or wireless control. Control can range from simple timer functions to full integration with building management systems. At Bullitt Center, the system was added as a retrofit.
Also, in keeping with the design goals
at Bullitt Center all motorization and
control required no new wiring. For new
construction, wired solutions are available.
LouverShade features all configurations of
most popular motorization and control