3 convenient 
control options

Our systems' many features deliver a unified result when the Louvershade™ control system takes charge. Controls can be as simple as a sun sensor that deploys the shade at the first sign of daylight, to an interface that allows a building’s automation system to run the show.

Control Option #1

Value Engineered

  • Five reflective surfaces:
    gloss white
    satin white
    brushed aluminum
    polished aluminum
  • Slat sizes available in
    2”, 3”, 4”, 6”
  • Tilt & lift options:
    lift & tilt
    powered tilt & manual lift
    manual tilt & lift

Control Option #2

Best Value

  • Completely automated (wireless) tilt-only louver system with manual lift.
  •  Positions are timer controlled with manual override. 
  • Power options include:
    solar powered
    battery operated
    hard wired
  • Manually operated glare reduction system.

Control Option #3

Maximum Control 

  • Completely automated (wired) lift and tilt louver system
  • Completely automated glare reduction system
  • Applicable to building management (BMS) system